Good Bye to everyone.. Firstly I want to

ImageGood Bye to everyone.. Firstly I want to say that in the first lesson when I see the syllabus I said there are so many things to learn and now I realize that there are so many things to teach. 

I learned so many things in this course. really it CALLs us. 🙂 I know that technology is in our life and we use it like bread and water so why don’t I use it effectively and enjoy it? 

Thanks to Mr. Akayoğlu. You teach very effective things to us. We can use technology in our classrooms and while teaching language. 

I really enjoyed in this course……. 🙂 

and also you can visit this page and learn the technology and education… ,


the last weekı am very happy because this

the last week

ı am very happy because this is the end of this semester. ı enjoyed this course very much. ın our last day we learnt creating a websites and still we are learning in the last hour. ı created one in the last years but this will be a little bit different. ıt can be enjoyable too. 

thanks for everything.. 

note: there are too many websites that ı log in so ı forget my passports always. help me please.. :))


story jumper & movie makerthis week was very

story jumper & movie maker

this week was very enjoyable. this two tools are very good. ı enjoyed making story jumper very much. actually ı prepared one for my friend too. ı will use certainly. ı create a book and ıt was very funny. movie maker is also enjoyable. ı like things that are prepared by myself… 🙂 

facebook & twitterthis week we talked about social

facebook & twitter

this week we talked about social networks. ı have an account both these networks. I understood that I can use these  in language classes. ıt can be beneficial. todays all people can easily reach the internet and all children have a computer. we can reach all students with this networks and maybe they can  enjoy them. ı don’t know ıf I use them ın my future but now ı am happy with them.. :))


WIZIQToday we learned online classrooms and wiziq.fistly WizIQ is an


Today we learned online classrooms and wiziq.

fistly WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment. It is very beneficial for teachers and students.  It is very enjoyable too. There is a whiteboard in the wiziQ. Everybody joined the group and use the white board and the other students in the class can see everything written there. 

I enjoyed this lesson very much. I want to use in the future too. ıt can enjoyableboth for me and for my students. 🙂


7th week…

creating an online classroom.. Nicenet & Dekeos 

this week was different from others, it was enjoyable.. we learn online learning. Nicenet is free for everyone. we can use it in our classrooms. we can create a group and study on it. the students will like it, it will be enjoyable for us.. 🙂 but the negative side of this, we can not share our presentations or word documents on it. we must share their links. ıt can be problematic. the second one was Dekeos.. as the other one we can create a lesson and teach our topic here as well. ıt can be beneficial for everyone. all students can share their ideas in this website. I can use it in my classrooms. I think we will enjoy with them… 🙂

6th week…

I was very sorry that I heard that this week’s subject was PREZI.. again I couldn’t attend this week. I met PREZI last week and I have loved it very and very much. Really I am bored preparing everything with PP. This is very good. It is very colorful and different. I am member of last year. I came home after school and start to prepare a presentation with Prezi. I liked it very much. Now than I use Prezi in my presentations and I will use it in the future in my classes.. 😛